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Wonderland,Emotional balloon,Maya Mekira,Sculpture,Artist

   Maya  Mekira

Wonderlamd,Maya Mekira,Fantasy,fantasyart,artist,flower
If you imagine that even  just one leaf that has fallen under our feet has emotions, the world we live in begins to overflow with stories.

My art reflects my ideology that all living things in this world have emotions and that all stories are from emotions. I do create artworks that explore, and tell the stories that surround us. My inspiration comes from my past experiences and the natural life of all living things. I am be impressed and captivated by the way of life that nature shows me. ​ In my creative process, I particular about the handworks, using eco-friendly materials wherever possible. By doing so, we will raise people's awareness of consideration for the environment and bring about an affinity with nature and people in the artwork itself. ​ My goal as an artist is to create work that encourages people to find emotions and stories, regardless of the type of creature. It is my hope that my art will act as a catalyst to change for people's awareness of others and their perception of the natural environment, And I hope that it will help to raise interest in life on earth. ​ ​

私のアートは、この世のすべての生き物には感情があり、すべての物語は感情から生まれるという私の観念論を反映しています。 私たちを取り巻く物語を探求し、伝える作品を制作しています。 ​ 私のインスピレーションは、私の過去の経験とすべての生き物の自然な生活から来ています。 自然が私に見せてくれる生き方に感動し魅了されています。 制作にあたっては、手仕事にこだわり、環境に配慮した素材を可能な限り使用しています。そうすることで、人々の環境への配慮の意識を高め、作品自体に自然や人との親和性をもたらせます。 アーティストとしての私の目標は、人々が生き物の種類に関係なく、感情や物語を見つけることを奨励する作品を作成することです。 私のアートが、人々の他者への意識や自然環境への認識を変えるきっかけとなり、そして、地球上の生命への関心を高める一助になれば幸いです。

Maya Mekira

A video showing a glimpse of Maya Mekira's wonderland 

Maya Mekira 


“All living things have emotions, and all stories are born out of emotions.” Her imaginative creativity is original and pure. Maya Mekila's art worldview is based on her convictions, Her art always tells a story and is full of love for living things. During her childhood, many years she experienced abused and neglect at homehold. What healed her lonely heart and energized her was the time she spent observing the lives of familiar creatures such as flowers, insects, and animals. “Earth had already prepared a wonderful gift for us and blessed us with our birth,” she said. This realization enabled her to overcome difficulties with a pure heart, and she continues to live with gratitude and affection for the Earth. ​ Besides spending time with living things, there is another foundation that influences her creations. Besides spending time with living things, there is another foundation that has influenced her creations. Her mother was a picture book collector, especially foreign books. Spending time with those picture books was magical, she says. ​ The originality of her artwork is a natural result of her upbringing and experience. ​ She studied sculpture and painting techniques on her own, and in addition to developing works that combine both, she also develops drawing works influenced by Japanese anime and manga. ​ She considers the work itself to be a creature that she creates, even in the process of creating, she often proceed while talking to the work. When meet her, will find that her kindness and great sensitivity, and make sense she is as unique as her artwork. Moved from Tokyo, where she grew up for many years, to southern Japan, which is rich in nature. Currently, while raising two children, she creates works in her atelier and garden where living creatures visit. Maya Mekira's sculptures have won three awards in Europe, and received 1 award in Japan. Since exhibiting at Art Expo New York in 2019, the number of exhibition offers from galleries in Japan and overseas has been increasing year by year. She is expanding her world wide field as a contemporary artist.

「すべての生き物には感情があり、すべての物語は感情から生まれます。」 彼女の想像力豊かな創造性は独創的で純粋です。 マヤ・メキラのアートの世界観は彼女の信念に基づいており、 彼女のアートは常に物語を伝えており、生き物たちへの愛に満ちています。「すべての生き物には感情と物語がある」 マヤ メキラのアートの世界観のベースになっている彼女の信念どおり、 彼女のアートは常に物語を持ち、生き物への愛情に満ちています。 子供の頃に彼女は何年にも渡り家庭で虐待を受けていました。 そんな彼女の孤独な心を癒し、元気づけてくれたのは、花や虫、動物など、身近な生き物たちの暮らしを観察する時間でした。 彼女は「地球はすでに自分たちに素晴らしいギフトを用意して、生まれてきたことを祝福してくれていた」 と言い、その気づきによって彼女は純粋な心のままで困難を乗り越えることができたと地球に感謝と愛情を持ち続け生きている。 生き物と時間を過ごす以外に、彼女の作品に影響を与えたもう 1 つの基盤があります。彼女の母親は絵本、特に洋書の収集家でした。それらの絵本と一緒に過ごす時間は魔法のようだった、と彼女は言います。 彼女の作品の独創性は、彼女の育成と経験の自然な結果です。 彼女は彫刻と絵画の技術を独学で研究し、両者を組み合わせた作品展開の他に、日本のアニメやマンガの影響を受けたドローイング作品も展開しています。 彼女は作品自体を自分が生み出す生き物だと考えていて、創作する過程でも作品に話しかけながら進行することがあります。。 彼女に会うと、彼女の優しさと優れた感受性に気づき、彼女自身が彼女の作品と同じくらいユニークであることを理解できます。 長年育った東京から自然豊かな九州に移住。 現在は二人の子供を育てながら、アトリエに生き物が訪れる庭で作品制作をしています。 マヤ メキラの彫刻はヨーロッパで3つ、日本で1つの賞を受賞しており、2019年のアート・エキスポ・ニューヨークへの出展以来、国内外のギャラリーからの出展オファーは年々増加しています。 現代美術家として世界に活躍の場を広げています。

Maya Mekira is an outsider artist and contemporary artist with one related project and four media.

- Emotions are like balloons - 
Maya Mekira's Playful sculptures.
- 感情はまるで風船のよう - マヤ メキラの遊び心ある彫刻たち
Harmony of
sculpture and painting.
Mushroom,Fantasy,Wonderland,Maya Mekira
Made by
mainly manual work with fingertips and nails.
Painting use a variety of art materials.
Manga technique with paintbrush only.
& Type drawn with a ballpoint pen.
& ボールペンを使用したタイプ    

Upcoming exhibition


NYC Art Walk
Tribeca Art Show

72 Warren St,
72 Warren Street, New York, United States.
New York, United 
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Award 2023’ ・Special Awards. Dynamic Contemporary Artist Exhibition 12th.THE NATIONAL ART CENTER, TOKYO. Tokyo, Japan. ・Excellence Award. Dynamic Contemporary Artist Exhibition 11th in Fukuoka Asian Art Museum. Fukuoka,JAPAN. ・Circle Foundation For The Arts Exhibition in Miami Contest Finalist Award /Miami ・Circle Foundation for the Arts. Artistic Excellence Award /France,Greece 2022' Circle Foundation for the Arts. Artistic Excellence Award /France,Greece 2019' Circle Foundation for the Arts of the Year Award. Honorable Mention Award /France Exhibition 2023' Solo exhibition "Secret Garden"  410Gallery. Fukuoka,Japan Solo exhibition "Emotion Wonderland"  MDP GALLERY KAMAKURA. Kamakura,Japan 2022' 「ARTEXPO NEW YORK 2022」 [SOLO] Booth #406. New York,NY. 2021' Solo exhibition "Become a fantasy breath"  ARTIFACT Gallery. New York, NY  XIIIth Florence Biennale 2021.Fortezza da Basso ,Florence, Italy 2019' 「ARTEXPO NEW YORK 2019」 [SOLO] Booth #1105. New York,NY. ​​​ Gallery representation 2023'~ 410Gallery.Fukuoka,Japan 2022'-2023' SSG  Six summits gallery . New York,NY 2022'~ Brooklyn Art Cave .Brooklyn,NY 2019'-2021' Miami art collection gallery .Miami ​ Group Exhibition 2023’ “Dynamic Contemporary Artist Exhibition 12th” THE NATIONAL ART CENTER, TOKYO. Tokyo, Japan. “Dynamic Contemporary Artist Exhibition 11th” Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Fukuoka, Japan. 2022' 「Nuansa Rupa International contemporary art exhibition」 Invited artist. Symposium participation artist. workshop guest lecturer. Gastro Market Bandung Grand Central,Bandung, Indonesia.​​ ​ 2020'   「ART BLEND 」Gallery Swiss Art Space / Lausanne, Switzerland. ​2019' ​「International Art Exhibition in Venice "Venetian Summer"」     Historical Center Dorsoduro / Larkina Gallery/Venice,Italy.      「Art & Emotion 2 Presented by Gabriel Fine Arts」 Gallery Shapero Modern. London. 「Unity in Variety X . Presented by Gabriel Fine Arts」       Gallery Shapero Modern. London. ​    「Christmas Fair」Gabriel Fine Arts London       「8th Discover the one Japanese Art 2019 in AbuDhabi」  Etihad Modern Art Gallery Abu Dhabi 「ESTATE VENEZIANA」 Larkina gallery. Venice,Italy. ​ 「Unity in Variety X . Presented by Gabriel Fine Arts」Gallery Shapero Modern. London. 2017' 「ARTIsm3160」Anita Carpelloni gallery. Venice,Italy. 2015' 「Art Fusion 2015」 Jadite Galleries . New York. ​ 2014' 「Emerging Contemporary Artists from Japan 2014」Rogue space chelsea gallery . Chelsea Fine Arts Building.New York.​ 「Japanese artists exhibition」Four-star hotel Cavalieri Art Hotel .Malta ​ 2013' 「Onward- Navigating the Japanese Future 2013」 The Hive Gallery . Los Angeles. 「Japanese Contemporary Pioneers」 Rogue space chelsea gallery .Chelsea Fine Arts Building.New York. 「ATOMKRAFT」 Gallery DEN . Berlin,Germany. 2013' 「RIN TERADA PROJECT ''Power of Japan''  」 Germany,Berlin.Rathenow.Leipzig . Gallery and Brandenburg Gate . Fountain Art Fair Maiami and New York. ​ 2009' 2010' 2011' 「Gen-Ten」 THE NATIONAL ART CENTER, TOKYO . Japan  Selected for the Special exhibition 2011'  "New Winds of Contemporary Art"​​ ​ Published in a catalogue , book, magazine 2021'         XIIIth Florence Biennale 2021 catalogue          Art Expo New York 2021.catalogue          Spotlight Magazine – Issue 23 – French art magazine     TO+NY magazines (NY and Tokyo Japan) 2019'          Art Expo New York 2019.catalogue           TO+NY magazines (NY and Tokyo Japan) ​ 2011' Switzer Land art magazine ''rivierart''  the May issue of magazines. 2010' Japan art  magazine ''Bijutu no mado''  the August issue of magazines.

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