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          Emotional balloons.           
I consider, “emotions are like balloons.”   They would expand slightly, fully, all at once, or little by little...
They would break instantly with a prick, or deflate slowly and gradually. 
Emotions, are what makes drama even more dramatic.
Sometimes they soar high and lively, or they may float somewhere in the heart next to unforgettable memories.
I using wires and stone powder clay.
I give each one by one a facial expression fun  and color so that people who see the Emotional balloon will love emotions.
My journey of developing these balloons of emotions will continue on and on.
I would be happy if I could convey it through Emotional balloons.
Living with compassion for all living things, regardless of their appearance or type of living things, not to mention human beings, enriches life.
This project started in April 2019.

         Emotional balloons 5 plus 1. 2020'
Published in a French art magazine. Spotlight Magazine – Issue 23 – Circle Foundation for the Arts 

Stone powder clay, wire, acrylic.  Vertical and horizontal, height, 35-55cm each. Wire part can move shape.  

2019' Emotional balloons

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