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Artist Statement

Every living thing has a story to tell and an emotion to tell.


The pure way of life of living things sometimes protected my life from loneliness and sometimes gave me wisdom.

Many of us humans live in society, but the place where we were born is the earth where various creatures coexist.

All the story that occur on this planet are created by creatures.

I find story in daily life, such as in the garden or for a walk.

There's one thing I'm doing for vibrant artwork that can move the viewer's heart.
It is to express the breath of life.


I think art is an expression of something invisible.
And when I create artwork, I attach great importance to it.


My artwork uses materials that are as close to nature as possible.

Especially in the case of sculpture, most of the work is done manually without tools.

By directly touching and modeling, I can imagine the feeling of touching a living thing.

In drawing and painting, I draw with the same emotions as artwork.

There is a story and emotions of creatures in my work.

I would like the people who see my work to realize and be dancing  heart  about living on this earth full of emotions and stories.

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