Contemporary artist Maya Mekira

A belief that "every living thing has a story to tell and feelings to convey" is the basis of the world view from which Maya Mekira's fantasy art is made.

Regardless of the type of creature, her art is always compassionate and considerate of their heart and mind.
That is what moves the heart of the viewer.

She was abused when she was young. What healed her wounded and lonely mind was the vibrant lives of familiar creatures such as flowers, bugs and animals.
Her imagination helped enrich and enliven her relationship with those creatures.

The creatures in the art she creates have expressions and a feeling of presence, so that they give off a sense of being alive.

Her sculpture is handcrafted from stone powder clay.
She uses her tiny fingers and nails precisely, creating most of her artwork using only the tips of her fingers.
She regards the works she makes as a kind of communication with living creatures, so she really cherishes working with her hands.
Like a relief, her sculpture painting have a different expression depending on the viewing angle, so they can be said to be a constantly changing picture.

She says “Every life has its own story. We are always surrounded by dramatic happenings”.
Her experience and imagination are what make her artwork unique.
Now she lives with 2 kids in a South Japan full of nature , and works.

Her sculpture "Emotional balloons" won the Circle Foundation for the Arts of the Year Award 2019, Honorable Mention Award in 2020 in France.

"Emotional balloons" was published in the 23rd issue of Spotlight Magazine, a French contemporary art magazine in 2021.


マヤ メキラのファンタジーアートが作られる世界観の基礎となっています。













彼女の彫刻「Emotionalballoons」は、フランスで2020年にCircle Foundation for the Arts of the Year Award 2019、Honorable MentionAwardを受賞し、


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