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What I think of coronavirus(COVID-19)

I'm scared of my thoughts when I think of the victims and those who are suffering now.

But I dare say.

There are many cases, but there are creatures that have disappeared from the world, for example, because of viruses brought in by humans and because of territorial reclamation.

I think we are in the midst of this difficult situation to experience the pain and sorrow of all creatures sacrificed by humans.

While people were forced to refrain from living, Sea creatures became free to swim near the beach, the water quality of the river improved, and the air became cleaner.

Given the suffering and sorrow of living things, I think we even need to be prepared to accept the coronavirus epidemic.

I'm scared of the coronavirus.

Most people will be afraid.

And with this virus, many people crossed national borders and became aware of humanity.

Many people are fight together. You will be more kind to the people around you.

We, we are earthlings.

I think it's a very beautiful recognition.

Many healthcare professionals and researchers continue to work towards convergence in this situation.

I think the coronavirus threat will disappear this summer.

For that time, I'm prepa to show you a lot of great artwork !!

Warm regards

Maya Mekira

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