Emotional balloons.      
I consider, “emotions are like balloons.”   They would expand slightly, fully, all at once, or little by little...
They would break instantly with a prick, or deflate slowly and gradually. 
Emotions, are what makes drama even more dramatic.
Sometimes they soar high and lively, or they may float somewhere in the heart next to unforgettable memories.
I capture and embody the beauty of these emotions that come into existence in my sculpture with faces and patterns, using wires and stone powder clay.
My journey of developing these balloons of emotions will continue on and on.
I hope my creations will touch the hearts of many people, while inspiring them to cherish their own feelings and to become compassionate for others.  
Stone powder clay, wire, acrylic.  Vertical and horizontal, height, 35-55cm each. Wire part can move shape.  This project started in April 2019.
Stone powder cley, wire, acrylic.  25×95×36cm
Lily Time.      2019'
I hope that the "balloons of emotion" will resonate with many people, cherish their feelings, and always be considerate of others.