2021'   150 x 80 x 21 cm  Stone powder cley, wire,oil, acrylic on wooden panel.
As we grow older,
we find that our minds become more beautiful and enveloping kindness love.
I think femininity lies in the shining heart of love.
“Eternal Feminine” I have found it in my grandmother and an old woman's close to me.
Each ginkgo leaf represents a memory of life.
When I created the ginkgo leaves one by one by hand,
I realized that in the distant future, when I look back on my life,
everything will look sparkling shining.
It is passed from heart to heart...
Eternal Feminine 
Motherly Love 2019' 
26×21×8cm Stone powder cley,
wire, acrylic on board.  
2019'   52×45.5×10cm 
Stone powder cray,
acrylic,wire,wood panel. 
Pinot Noir 2018'
65x50×5cm  Stone powder cley, 
acrylic on wood panel.  
Spring night  
 2018'   100x80×8cm  Stone powdercley, 
acrylic on wood panel.  
Secret box  
 2018'   100x80×8cm  Stone powdercley, 
acrylic on wood panel.  
Cradle of love 2017'  
53x45.5×5cm    Stone powder cley, 
acrylic on wood panel.