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Her artwork is 100% pure with original creativity.
"All living things have emotions and stories"
Maya Mekila's art worldview is based on her convictions,
Her art always tells a story and is full of love for living things.

During her childhood, many years  she experienced abused and neglect at homehold.

What healed her lonely heart and energized her was the time she spent observing the lives of familiar creatures such as flowers, insects, and animals.

“Earth had already prepared a wonderful gift for us and blessed us with our birth,” she said.
This realization enabled her to overcome difficulties with a pure heart, and she continues to live with gratitude and affection for the Earth.

Besides spending time with living things, there is another foundation that influences her creations. Besides spending time with living things, there is another foundation that has influenced her creations.

Her mother was a picture book collector, especially foreign books. Spending time with those picture books was magical, she says.

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Jun. 2022' in Jakarta Indonesia.


Dec. 2021 ' in Manhattan NY.

The originality of her artwork is a natural result of her upbringing and experience.


She studied sculpture and painting techniques on her own, and in addition to developing works that combine both, she also develops drawing works influenced by Japanese anime and manga.​​

She considers the work itself to be a creature that she creates, even in the process of creating, she often proceed while talking to the work.
When meet her, will find that her kindness and great sensitivity, and make sense she is as unique as her artwork.

Moved from Tokyo, where she grew up for many years, to southern Japan, which is rich in nature.
Currently, while raising two children, she creates works in her atelier and garden where living creatures visit.

Maya Mekira's sculptures have won three awards in Europe, and received 1 award in Japan. Since exhibiting at Art Expo New York in 2019, the number of exhibition offers from galleries in Japan and overseas has been increasing year by year.

She is expanding her world wide field as a contemporary artist.


Feb. 2022' in Santa Monica California.

Apr. 2021' ' in Artexpo NY.

Apr. 2022' in Brooklyn Art Cave NY.

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