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If you imagine that even  just one leaf that has fallen under our feet has emotions, the world we live in begins to overflow with stories.

My art reflects my ideology that all living things in this world have emotions and that all stories are from emotions.
I create works that explore, and tell the stories that surround us.

My inspiration comes from my past experiences and the natural life of all living things.
I am impressed and captivated by the way of life that nature shows me.

In my creative process, 

I am particular about the handworks, using eco-friendly materials wherever possible.
By doing so, we will raise people's awareness of consideration for the environment and bring about an affinity with nature and people in the artwork itself.

My goal as an artist is to create work that encourages people to find emotions and stories, regardless of the type of creature.

It is my hope that my art will act as a catalyst to change for people's awareness of others and their perception of the natural environment, And I hope that it will help to raise interest in life on earth.

Maya Mekira
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